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We have been keenly observing for the last several years that there has been a growing and increasing demand of skilled and unskilled work force particularly in Gulf Countries as well as for South East Asia, Eastern and & African Countries because of their rapid industrialization and national development activities. Considering the above factor, the employers of these Countries now shifting their eyes from traditional manpower market of hiring to the South Asian Countries especially Bangladesh to cope with their increasing manpower requirement because of highest cost competitiveness of Bangladesh is apart from other lucrative advantages. In order to ensure proper selection and timely deployment of workforce the employers generally orefer an organization who is quite professional experienced and thoroughly acquainted with the whole gamut of Manpower Recruitment and Mobilization in association with speed & efficiency.

Invaluable experience of around two decades has further strengthened UCKSEL PRIVATE LIMITED perceive the gravity of the updated needs of valued overseas employers and always ready to combat the challenges of mobilization of workforce of any quantum and trades within minimum time. Because, it is UCKSEL PRIVATE LIMITED where needs of Overseas Employers is theadbarely analyzed and adopt the methodology in order to ensure timely dispatch (arrival) of workers at Employer’s site as per schedule.

UCKSEL PRIVATE LIMITED is fully equipped with all kinds of modern communication facilities with a highly professional and dedicated Executives and Supporting staff who are always keen to render their best services for the greater interests of Overseas Employer’s. UCKSEL PRIVATE LIMITED with its computerized Data bank ensures expeditious scrutiny of CVs and selection of prospective candidates within shortest possible time. We believe the success of any organization operating under any economic system depends upon the Manpower Resources it has under its disposal which UCKSEL PRIVATE LIMITED does have.

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